Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I have adopted a cat. She is black and small and I named her Anne Frank.

The thing about my cat Anne Frank is she isn't a nice cat. She hates I think everyone, especially Hans. We have adopted her on a trial basis. She has a week to win our hearts. She has already won mine, of course. Every animal has won my heart. She just has to work her way into Hans' and she won't have to go back to her previous owner (the streets). C'mon, Anne Frank! You can do this.

Here is a webcam photo of Anne Frank.

Here is Anne Frank revealing her true nature (evil/bad ass).

Actually she is sitting in my lap purring and cuddling and being awesome right now. I love her, oops.


  1. oh my goodness, what a beautiful cat. I LOVE CATS WITH GREEN EYES! i bet you guys can melt her mean, street-hardened kitty heart in a week haha. maybe underneath the tough kitteh facade is a cupcake just waiting to be revealed!

    ...or not, and she's just mean hahaha.

  2. Her eyes are so intense I love them. They shine right out of her face.

    She's already warmed up so much. She won't leave my lap along! I still think she has a mean streak but maybe she'll at least spare Hans and me from it. We can have an attack cat! Ha.

  3. We've adopted three cats in my lifetime, and two of them were straight off the streets. The female cat, Callie, used to be SCARED AS SHIT of everything/us, but she did change for the better after a few years. It took her forever (years) to sit on our laps or come over for attention and not run away, so I'd say Anne Frank is doing awesome!

    Bless her little kittycat heart :3


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