Sunday, January 30, 2011


This is Disease Man. He is made of ball point pens and he lives inside a moleskin. He is an ongoing work who fills up the boring parts of classes.


  1. wow, you're GREAT with ballpoint!!! it looks like pencil shading. since i've been creepin on you for a few years, it's cool to see you change/grow/develop your skillz.

    i also highly approve of diseased subject matter, my favorite part so far are the little warty blister parts on the lower left! also, your drawing reminds me of pedicle tubes (DISFIGURED PERSON WARNING FOR THAT LINK):

    don't know if you've seen it or not, but man the pedicle tube trick is incredible! look through the 'case studies' on the left. wow. i can't believe how brave those patients must have been and how brilliant the surgeons were!

  2. Thanks. Ballpoint is the main/only thing I like to draw with. I use it basically the same way I would a pencil. Now I hate drawing with pencil because I miss the darker values of pens.

    Holy hell, this is incredible indeed! Thank you for sharing this link. Science is amazing. I can hardly believe this is real.

  3. hehehe ~ looks crazy ~ nice work with the ball-pens ! can be hard to make things look so polished ~ ~ hooray I love Moleskines ~
    I have a Moleskine blog called MoleNote ~
    keep on blogging away~ ~~ ^__^

  4. Yeah ball points are a bit tricky but my favorite medium. I love moleskins too! Best sketchbooks.


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