Saturday, February 5, 2011


I am going to blog about my boyfriend.

ready for war

My boyfriend's name is Hans. He is from Germany which--I can't lie--is part of what drew me to him. It's the whole (sexy) bilingual thing. We met in 2009 at Dragon*Con through a mutual friend. I was seeing someone else at the time but apparently I caught his eye even then. Turns out we go to the same college and we started hanging around together in the dining hall with our group of mutual friends. Skip ahead several months and another semester, when I'm newishly single after 2.5 years, and we grab lunch together at the school. I suddenly realize just how adorable that German boy from Dragon*Con is, and a couple days later I invited him over to my apartment. We have been inseparable ever since.

We temporarily live together and have been for a little over a month now while he's in between his old house and the one he is currently renovating. It's pretty swell and we even carpool to school together.

3 fun facts about Hans!
1)He is a scientist.
2)He actually does that thing where if you speak two languages, and you hurt yourself, you curse in the lesser used language (the first time I heard him speak German was in this manner).
3)He is the hottest guy I have dated, no lies.

in the snow-apocalypse of Atlanta, still with leftover warpaint


  1. what a lovely couple, you both look like you belong together. this was an adorable post :3


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