Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I keep basically forgetting about blogger. This makes me sad because I really like blogger! Things have just been busy, I suppose. I moved into an awesome home with my boyfriend. I want to make a post about my house with pictures and such, but I'm currently sitting in the living room in slight misery because surrounding me is the dumbest, rainiest cold day. It's spring break right now and this is one of my few actual free days and it's cold and pouring and dumb dumb dumb. I haven't taken many pictures of my house really, and today certainly isn't the day to do it since it's so dark and nasty.

In our bedroom we have hung a painting of Snarf from Thunder Cats above our bed. You can see a little bit of him behind me here,


  1. there are very few things worse than having rainy, crappy weather on vacations of any kind :( :( :(

    but hey, at least you have a sweet new living space with your boofren! congrats on that!

  2. Yus the weather has been a big bummer. NEXT WEEK of course is supposed to be better, after vacation is over -_-

    Thank yoouuu! The house is beautiful I can't wait to make a post about it :)


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