Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dog blog

I can't stop wishing I had a dog. Lately my life is filled up with a little bit of schoolwork (this has proved to be a very easy semester), many hours spent working, nights with Hans spent cuddling or playing video games, early mornings with sunlight pouring in through the windows, and tasty vegan meals I make up as I go along. Our cat, whose name is Kenya because Anne Frank never stuck, is in heat right now and meowling (that's meowing and growling) at a loud and creepy pitch day and night, but we love her nonetheless. She curls up with us on the couch and sleeps at the foot of the bed, and always, always hangs out in whichever room we're occupying (she doesn't like to show it, but she loves us, too). We say goodbye or hello to her when we leave the house or come back home. She makes me feel like i have my own little family. Still, I crave some canine company. I'd love to rescue a friendly little mutt from the local humane society and give him or her a happy home. I'm crossing my fingers I'll get to adopt a dog this summer. It doesn't help that three lovable pooches have my heart already. They live with my parents and ever since I moved out about a year ago I have missed them dearly. I think I'll introduce them here!

First up is Oreo. This lovely lady is "mine" because I picked her out of a litter of four pups at the humane society when I was in the fourth grade. Oreo has one of the funkiest personalities, with so many little quirks. Example: when she doesn't want to be seen (after snooping through cat food or committing some other no-no), she walks in slow motion thinking this renders her invisible. She is afraid of hardwood floors and thunder, and taught herself how to "shake" when she was 9 or 10.

Next is Rose, Oreo's sister who my sister chose from the litter. Rose is kind of a snob, but secretly wishes she was a lapdog. She hates baths and growls at horses (and has been known to go after unwanted trespassers), and seems to be the most sane of the motley bunch. In fact, when Oreo or Avery are being silly, you can almost feel Rose's disdain toward her immature peers.

Avery is the newest addition to the family. I found her in 2008 after road-tripping to Tennessee for fireworks. She was sitting skin-and-bones in the parking lot, and I was helpless against her. The friends I was with agreed we couldn't leave her so we loaded her into the car and brought her home. Then a timid skeleton of a dog, now a fat, slightly obnoxious, attention-grubbing little beast, Avery is the happiest dog I have ever known. She sleeps on her back, feet in the air, snorts like a pig, and will claw the heck out of you if you don't pet her to her satisfaction.

These doggies own my heart, but I think there is room for one more (okay, I have room in my big animal-loving heart for all the dogs, ever).

Who else loves dogs?

Doggie photos courtesy of my wonderful sister, who takes brilliant photos, which can be viewed here.


  1. Hooray for doggies and a round of applause for rescuing Avery!!! I've only ever had cats, but I've always always always wanted a German shepherd. SO bad.

    And tell your sister she DOES take beautiful pictures! I love the one of the ferret in the yellow tunnel and the one of the empty looking building with wooden floors and beams of sunlight. From the looks of it,you seem to have an animal-loving, creative family!

  2. I LOVE German shepherds! I grew up with one, named Sadie, whom my parents rescued while they were on a river canoe trip. They found her stranded and starved and she was an amazing dog. At my parent's house, there is a painting of her my mom did over the fireplace. My favorite painting of my mom's.

    I love that flowers-and-beams-of-lights one so much! She only recently started taking photographs and I'm jealous of her natural eye for it. And that totally sums up my family! They live on 9 acres of land with a whole slew of animal friends--dogs, cats, horses, ferrets. My mom is an amazing painter and my dad works as a lighting director on films and such, and also has a great eye for photography. And then my sister is also a great visual artist as well. They're a fun bunch.

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