Sunday, April 3, 2011

a mostly successful endeavor in plantain frying

Hans and I mostly buy fruits and veggies from the grocery store. We live off of smoothies, really. But the other day we decided to buy plantains, knowing we both loved them. I had never cooked them myself, though. I decided to go the easiest route and fried them up with some vegetable oil in a pan.

First I peeled them, which I thought would be like peeling bananas and which turned out to be nothing like peeling bananas. I had to slice them down the sides with a knife and then wrench off the peels. A tricky, slightly slimy task. Then I attempted to slice them lengthwise, like a pickle, so we'd have nice big tasty pieces. This was tough but manageable. Plantains are also harder to cut than bananas! Next I threw the pieces into a heated pan with vegetable oil, and kept them on low heat, turning them until both sides were golden brown. I sprinkled a little sea salt over them so they wouldn't be bland, and that was it. Pretty easy!

They looked pretty but didn't taste quite as awesome as fried plantains I've had before. I think I sliced them just a little too thick and they didn't cook all the way through. Over all though, they were quite good and I'll definitely be making more (and slicing them better!).

The plantains were the appetizer to our big Friday lunch. I also heated up some veggies (frozen, we're busy bees (and poor bees, too)) and covered them in random tasty spices and a little earth balance. He ate a veggie burger and I had a spinachy salad smothered in Goddness dressing (totally my fav right now). I was too busy stuffing my guts to snap pictures of the entire meal, though. Oops!

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  1. man, i'm with you...FUCK peeling plantains! they look delishus, and i'm jealous.


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