Wednesday, April 6, 2011

smoothie criminal

I make smoothies. Lots of smoothies. Hans and I have smoothies for breakfast, smoothies for lunch, smoothies for dinner. Sometimes we accompany them with other food, but sometimes just a big ol' glass of delicious smoothie is enough. I never make the same smoothie twice, and I never follow a recipe. I just throw a lot of complimentary fruits together and add some coconut milk and blend away. Here's one I whipped up the other day!

Coconut milk, mango, banana, orange, and canned pineapple because I don't have the patience for the real deal. (I always make sure I get cubed pineapples canned in pineapple juice, not that sugary syrup crap).

Juice the orange!

Slice the mango!

(Hans has peculiar decorating sense. Thus, a sword above our sink)
I added the orange juice, mango slices, and a whole banana, along with about half the can of pineapples (and a little of the juice) with a bit of coconut milk and a few cubes of ice, then blend!

And done! Beautiful, tasty smoothies, served the classy way in Hans's SweetWater glasses.


  1. please make healthy food posts all day, every day. i've got to try substituting coconut milk for regular milk! does it have a really strong coconut flavor? like, will it be good with something like strawberries or blueberries?

  2. It doesn't have a strong coconut flavor at all! It's just creamy and awesome. And it tastes great with any fruit. One of our favorite combinations is a heap of frozen strawberries (which means you don't have to add any ice), 2 bananas, coconut milk, and the juice from a lime. The lime adds this awesome tang. Sometimes I even blend in spinach to make it extra healthy.

  3. awesome. i'm gonna get some and try it then!

  4. Yay! Let me know ho you like it :)


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