Saturday, April 23, 2011


As I have probably made obvious, I love sea creatures, especially those with tentacles, especially octopuses. Probably too often I find myself hunting down awesome octopus-themed crafty things, mostly to wear but also to decorate my house with. Here are some of the prettiest tentacle things I found in my searches today.

This beautiful tentacle ring, oh my goodness, do I love this! It comes from this Etsy shop, Leviticus. It is available in multiple colors and sizes, and 50% of the proceeds to go Japan disaster relief. I die.

This gigantic so awesome hair piece, which I would totally wear every single day on top of my lion's mane, oh yes. Plus, it can double as a brooch! Utter brilliance. From the SteampunkCouture Etsy shop, and hopefully one day residing comfortably (and permanently) on my head.

This octopus lamp made of a coconut?! How neat is this guy? He is especially neat because I own him. He lives in our office and the way he casts light through his many holes is pretty great. He was a Christmas gift, but I found him on Amazon here.

This octopus style pink grapefruit soap! Who doesn't need octopus shaped soap? I know I absolutely do. The best thing about this soap, though, is that it is cruelty free and vegan! I definitely do not like to hurt anybody when I take a bath so vegan soaps and such are essential. Found here from The Charming Frog on Etsy.

And finally, this incredible abmer octopus lamp. Now, maybe I already have one octopus lamp, but two can't hurt! I love his big metal tentacles and I'm sure the light emitted from that big amber head is just gorgeous. Aaah, need! I found him here along with quite a few other fantastic lamps.

More tentacles, please.


  1. Gah, I love all of these!! Esp. the hair piece, that's just pure awesome.

  2. Those are awesomely weird.

    ♥ sécia

  3. @Erin, yesss. I definitely need more tentacles in my hair, obviously.

    @Secia, awesomely weird is the way to go ;)

  4. That hair piece is soo cool! Ah I need it too

  5. Isn't it the coolest? I really wish my hair was an octopus nest.


  6. i love sea creatures too, and currently my husband loves anything octopus, and i'm pretty sure he's going to like the soap. :)

  7. The soap is amazing. I wouldn't even want to use it. I would probably just decorate my bathroom with it ;)

  8. that hair piece is fantastic!
    (i used to be obsessed with sea horses. i collected tons of dead, dried sea horses that aquariums and shell shops would sell. had to share!)


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