Wednesday, April 20, 2011


On Sunday Hans and I ventured to the Renaissance Festival with our friends Joseph and Dottie. Once we were there we got separated from our friends and then couldn't find each other again until the very end, so it ended up being more like a single date than a double date, but we all had fun anyway. Hans had been a little bit of a pouty face, worrying that he shouldn't be taking time away from his studies to go to the fair. Once we got there, however, his worries disappeared and he was reduced to a ten-year-old (a ten year old dork into swords and fantasy). We had a blast! I forgot my real camera but I snapped a few pictures with my cell phone.

Pixie hat?

I guess it really turned Hans into a pixie...

There was a beautiful bird sanctuary there filled with rescued and adopted birdies!

This guy totally posed for the camera.

This was a mommy and daddy and their baby. The baby was sitting right there with them but I guess he decided to sabotage the adorableness of my photo.

Hans had to shoot arrows in the archery range.

Yeah, he wears that Gryffindor shirt pretty much every day.

Hans bought me this beautiful ring! It's coiled metals with spinning little ditties in the center. I am in love. Can't stop staring at it on my finger. Orange is my favorite color so it is perfect. The lady who made it was super nice and all her wares were gorgeous! She had a coily metal octopus necklace I would have died for but I couldn't pass up the ring. Her etsy shop is here but she said she probably wouldn't stock it till after Ren Fest.

And, being the amazing man he is, Hans sneaked off and bought me this fantastic handmade wand!

You can bet I spent the rest of Ren Fest shooting spells after him. I'll never grow up.

So, the Renaissance Festival was lovely this year. If you're in Georgia, check it out!


  1. AHHH RENFESTS. even though they're somewhat pricey (at least around me, sad) they are such a wonderful splurge day full of turkey legs, jousting, general merriment, and my personal favorite activity: watching well-endowed ladies walk around with their boobs falling out of their renaissance tops. even as a straight female i can't NOT stare, you know??? hahaha


  2. Hahaa the cleavage is my favorite part, too! I spent a lot of the day whispering, "look at THOSE!" and trying not to point. Great fun.

    Opening weekend was buy one, get one free. Only twenty dollars! Sucks the ones around you are costly ):

  3. yeah its like 18 bucks per person here! stinks.


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