Monday, April 11, 2011

moleskin monday: flower child

I want to try to post sketches from my moleskins every Monday. I'm hoping this will not only be fun for the blog but also motivating because let's face it, sometimes I just don't find the inspiration to draw. So! First Moleskin Monday! Ready, go:

Because I think progress shots are fun!

I've been working on this little lady for a while now. I'm almost almost almost done, but not quite.

She resides in my favorite moleskin. I love these books. They feel so earthy and magical to me. I find more inspiration in their pages than in any others.

I'll be sure to follow up with the completed flower child, whenever I get around to it. I'm always skipping around between sketches so it sometimes takes me months to finish a single one, though I amass great piles of unfinished pieces.

I walked home from school today upon realizing my class was canceled. (I LOVE that I can walk home from school now!) Walking was a lovely thing. I can feel the sticky Georgia summer right around the corner, but I'm enjoying every ounce of spring time I can soak up. Once I got home from my walk I sent off an email to a prospective job. I hope I get to do something entirely new and exciting. I'm really quite tired of being a cashier, especially within the same walls for so long. I don't know, someone pay me to go on adventures, please?

Last night Hans sang to me while we drove home from a lovely day spent first with my parents and then with his. Things are really beautiful right now. The stars and planets have aligned. The universe is in order. I am ready for anything.


  1. I love this!! And I like your header! I have a thing for sea critters...

  2. @Erin thanks! I love sea critters, too! Especially the tentacled variety.

  3. SAME! I love me a squid. And I have a thing for lobsters too. I seriously have sooo many lobster stuffies around my apartment that my son loves to play with, it's rather entertaining!

  4. Octopuses are my personal favorites but I adore squids and lobsters, too! Plush lobsters are so cute!


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