Tuesday, April 26, 2011

cat snip

Today I took Kenya to be spayed. We were able to afford this on our tight budget thanks to Project CatSnip, which is a traveling clinic offering vaccines, spay and neuter procedures, and other health care to cats at very discounted rates. If anyone in the Atlanta area needs affordable treatment for a feline pal, I definitely recommend CatSnip (kind of an cringe-worthy pun, huh?).

It was a BIT of an ordeal, but overall I was satisfied with the care Kenya received. I had to arrive at the clinic (the "clinic" is literally a traveling clinic: a bus in a parking lot) promptly at 7:30 am. So we were up and crating Kenya at 6 this morning. Once I arrived the veterinarian on site gave everyone the run down of protocol and the different options for treatments. This was great and informative, but unfortunately the vet was very brisk and borderline rude. When I went to turn in my paperwork to her, I had to warn that Kenya was feral when we adopted her and that she's a mean little kitty. I tried to make a joke about it but couldn't even get half a smile out of the vet. I can understand being stern when instructing people, but one-on-one? C'mon, be friendly.

I was supposed to pick Kenya up at 3:30 pm but the clinic called and said I could pick her up early at 1. I had been hanging around at my parents' house since it was close by, and my mom and my sister accompanied me to go pick Kenya up so we could do a little thrift shopping on the way. When we arrived to get Kenya, the vet opened the door, thrusted a crated Kenya at me and said "she was very bad" in a rather rude manner and retreated back into the clinic. This irked me a little but I let it go without saying I told you so. I mean, I DID warn them. Meanies.

Despite the rudeness, I think Project CatSnip is a great service, especially when so many cats are never spayed or neutered because their humans simply cannot afford it. I am definitely going to be spreading the word about CatSnip to do what I can to help reduce kitty overpopulation.

And I am going to close this on a completely unrelated note, which is this


I am drinking it right now and it tastes like PERFECT. Fill a cup halfway with water, then juice two limes and add the juice, then add copious amounts of delicious gift-from-heaven agave nectar and stir. And if you want to be fancy, throw in lime halves to make it look pretty! Yay delicious limeade!


  1. hahahahaha oh man, i lol'd harder than i should have at "CatSnip." i really hate when any kind of medical persons are rude (the people kind or the animal kind) because it just adds so much unwanted stress to a usually already stressful situation :/ actually, i was practically handed a job at a cats-only vet's office this one time. i was really excited, but when i got there to work out my hours and job details...i met the vet. HE WAS AN ABSOLUTE ASS. he yelled at his employees for all kinds of nitpicky things, had no sense of humor, and had no patience. i never called them back after that meeting!

    i hope your poor snipped baby is feeling ok!

    (and mail me that limeaid, pls. i need it to live)


    K, WELL, recap of lost comment:

    -CatSnip is funny, long live bad taste puns.
    -Eff mean medicine-guys, they are the worst! I am glad you didn't work for that jerkvet, sounds like you would have had to kill him. I kept imagining these jerks handling my kitten roughly and doing evil bad surgery on her ):
    -Kenya has been a PAIN since bringing her home. I had to strap a borrowed elizabethan collar on her to prevent her licking the wound, but she kept ripping the collar off, so I had to STAPLE IT TIGHTER. She has ripped through the stapled collar twice now. Third time is the charm?

    (I will mail you so much limeade to prevent yr untimely deathz)

  3. omg poor kitty :((((( i hope she tuckers herself out and can sleep it off a bit. did they give her pain meds?



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