Saturday, April 9, 2011


BIG changes are in the works for me. I have been working at my job for two and a half years, and Thursday night I put in my two weeks. I love so many things about my job. My boss and his family are wonderful. I have learned so much from them, and have had so much fun with them. They have also shown me how delicious Korean food can be. Unfortunately, I have been harassed by a coworker, and it has gone on for far too long, so I'm taking my leave. Hopefully onto bigger and better and better things. I have an internship in the works, which I'm very excited about, but I don't want to say too much before it's set in stone.

I also officially changed my major from art to english, and I'm excited about the classes I have lined up for fall semester.

These are certainly welcomed changes, but scary nonetheless. Just a few months ago, I was stuck at my job because I was tied to school bills and my apartment, and having to suffer through the crazy antics of my coworker. It was pretty miserable at times. I worked very hard at school and earned a scholarship, which takes care of most of my tuition. And I suddenly find myself living a magical dream life in a house with my boyfriend, instead of trapped throwing all my money into that apartment. I am finally in a position to make big changes, but I can't help but have tiny fears, mean voices in my head telling me it will all come crashing down.

And now I'm getting a stupid earache what the heck!

Anyway! Here is a picture of some geese I took on campus the other day.

Because I like geese.


  1. how fitting that your life gets change-y and full of new opportunities during the spring! i'm glad to hear you're getting out of a job situation that entailed harassment. i can't imagine going to work everyday wondering whether or not you're going to be hassled :/ i think it says a lot about you that you loved who you worked for and learned from the whole experience despite that!

    congratulations on that scholarship and being brave enough to change your major!!! i hope all the newness brings ten million good things along with it. working hard always pays off :)

  2. You're right--it is the perfect time for change! The air itself seems to welcome it right now. This with this stupid guy really escalated to horrifying feats at times, so I'm glad I'm finally able to get out. I'm sure I'll still go visit from time to time to see my boss, though.

    Thanks for the encouraging words! It had better pay off ;)

  3. I just quit my job recently as well and I know how scary it is, but I am so much happier and I have no doubt you will be too. Change is always tough but so good =) Thanks for following me...xoxo

  4. I have a feeling I'll be much, much happier. But going into unknown territory is always scary! Good luck to you, too.

    And you're welcome! Thanks for following me too :)


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