Tuesday, April 5, 2011

vanity post: mollusc tree

I love this dress. It's super colorful and fun.

Two of my favorite necklaces. I am a necklace fiend. I got the octopus from a vendor at Dragon*Con and the tree from a hippie store called Earthbound.

I wore this outfit over to my parents' house Sunday, and my sister and I decided to shoot some photos for fun. Here are some of my favorites, taken and edited by her.

Seriously, I'm the weirdest vegan. Gimme bones.


  1. God bless the vanity post, sometimes there is nothing as fun or necessary for the self-esteem as being a little vain! Such pretty photos you guys took.

    I love that you wear such fun clothes with bright colors. I only wear really neutral colored clothes that are varying shades of grey, brown, and blue-green. "Boring" colors my sisters inform me haha.

    Since I've chosen neutrality I really love when other people wear bright, colorful things! I should copy you for a day.

  2. Tiny doses of vanity are probably good for the soul (;

    I love earth tones too but I frequently end up in clownish Crayola colors, especially in spring time. Orange and yellow are my favorites. You should totally try out wearing some bright stuff! It feels silly and therefore it's a lot of fun.


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