Thursday, April 28, 2011

photo dump: naturey things

Commence photodocumentation of what I've been up to for the past week(ish).

I have taken to walking to school now that the weather is warm. It's a 30 minute walk through a pretty neighborhood and I love it.

I found this bird's nest sitting in someone's front lawn. Birds are pretty crafty.

I also met this colorful caterpillar. There are so many of these little guys running around Georgia right now.

While walking to home from school one afternoon a friend and I rescued this turtle from the road. We named him Dead Space II after the game Hans is religiously playing.

I went to this gorgeous park with a friend. It's one of my favorite parks. It's a series of trails with a creek running through it and always populated by dog-walkers. It also has this beautiful field which is a great place to just lie around and talk in the sunshine.

And seriously, I love my Vibrams so much.

I conquered a tiny mountain.

I'm a big fan of this fallen tree. It gives me a crazyface.

This is my poor baby Kenya is recovery mode after being spayed. She's ACTUALLY curled up with me right now, acting like a friendly cuddly cat for the second time ever. I love my child.

I have some really exciting news I can't wait to share but I'm going to save it until I have some great photos to go along with it.


  1. fragmented comment will be fragmented:

    this post makes me happy. i've been wanting a beautiful, abandoned birds nest to keep in my room for forever now and haven't been able to find one intact >:/

    and hooray DEDSPAYCEII. your boyfriend has good taste in videogames!

    lastly, omg poor kitty. look at that downcast expression haha. at least this is letting you guys bond a little?

  2. If I can figure out a good way to do it I will totally send you a bird's nest. I weirdly find them all the time.

    Dead Space II seems pretty awesome. I got bored with the first one but part II looks pretty neat. It just makes me want to play Resident Evil though which is my one true love when it comes to survival horror shooters.

    I think we are bonding a lot. She's in my lap right now but she also just bit me haha.

  3. Cute photos. Those shoes are so weird.

    ♥ sécia

  4. Ha I know they're super weird, but so comfy and awesome! Especially if, like me, you love being barefooted.

  5. The colors on that caterpillar are amazing! And the teeny tiny turtle...soooo cute!! We don't have that kind of nature where I live. ;)


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