Friday, April 8, 2011

chronicle of a former hair dye junkie

I used to change my hair. A lot. We're talking twice a month, here. I have been growing out my hair (I want long beautiful princess hair) and letting my natural color grow back for about a year now. I mostly love it, but sometimes I am attacked by urges to chop it off and dye it some funky color or other. One of those urges struck me last night, and inspired me to compile a bunch of pictures of all the hair colors and styles I have worn.

I first dyed my hair when I was 12 or 13, in middle school. I put pink streaks in it because I was super cool. Curiously, there are no pictures of me from this time period. My parents swear it's because they were making the switch from analog to digital cameras, but I remain suspicious. So, we'll begin with no one's favorite era, high school!

These pictures are from 2007 and earlier, wow. I had long hair, dyed black and with only a few long layers. I wore it with kinky curls or stick straight. My senior year, I got a wild hair (I went there) and dyed my hair bright orange, as I'd been longing to do for years. I walked at graduation with a traffic cone head! That raised unfortunate controversy...

After high school, I wore my hair short for the first time ever, and briefly sported fire-hair again before somehow turning my head the ugliest green and then donning every possible shade of red, ever.

A billion shades of red later, I landed an awesome job (my current job: liquor store cashier) that let me look however I pleased, and I ran back into the arms of rainbow hair, this time blue and purple. Bleaching this out meant I spent a fun few days platinum blond. (also fun to note: I became a vegetarian and started working out after high school and what a difference that made!)

I sported my "super hero hair" with a dumb blonde streak, then decided to begin the journey to rediscovering my natural color and dyed it a dark brown, which looked black for a while, much to my horror. I denied my nature and straightened it a lot. I also got adventurous and tried wearing short bangs.

This brings us to the present! I kept growing it out, chopped it off one last time, which meant my hair was 100% my natural color for the first time in so many years, and now I've been fancying messy wavy hair for a good while. I'm proud of my self restraint and how long my hair is getting! (Past my collar bones now?!) Princess hair here I come.


  1. your hair has had such a journey! i've always been terrified of dying/bleaching mine, since i have super fine hair. my biggest fear is that it will break to pieces if i do haha.

  2. I have super fine hair too, and I did a lot of really cruel things to it. I did condition it like a crazy conditioning-obsessed maniac, but other than that I was so mean to my hair. Hence growing it out. Now my natural color feels fun and exciting--not to mention healthy.


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