Friday, June 24, 2011

I turned 22

My birthday has come and gone. I turned 22 on the 22nd of June, and I'm a kind of glad it's over with. I have grown accustomed to dreading my birthday every year. It seems something goes wrong, devastates me financially or emotionally (or both) and leaves me feeling rather awful about turning another stupid year older. Plus, I want to stay a ten-year-old forever, and now I'm 12 years beyond my favorite age.

This year was really no different as far as the universe throwing troubles my way. I've been absent from the internet for two reasons: my computer overheats lately, and my phone completely broke. Everything around me likes to break just in time to help me celebrate my birth. But it doesn't stop there. My car's check engine light presented itself to me a few weeks ago, so I haven't been able to pass emissions to renew my tags, and my car has been in and out of the shop all week. I'm pissed, really, because I stressed the importance of having it up to the standards for emissions by the 22nd, and they decided to only fix one problem instead of the two the light was indicating. So when I got my car back initially, the light came back on after I drove it just a few miles. Now it's back in the shop, and I'm overdue on my tag/tax and a few hundred dollars poorer. Thanks, universe! You know how to treat me on my birthday.

But I've spent a lot of time with my family this week, and I'm going camping this weekend with seven of my best and oldest friends, and I have received some really thoughtful gifts, so I shouldn't actually be complaining. My friends and family love me, and at least I'm not the annoying age of 21 any more. I've just been feeling defeated as things have been piling up.

But I think I ought to brag about some of my awesome gifts, yes?

Hans, prince that he is, spent a whole night crafting this Hogwarts letter, and left it hanging from with little snowy owl from the ceiling for me to find when I woke up in the morning.

I kind of died when I found it.

My sister knows my taste in jewelry and exactly which animals I adore. She was so excited to give this to me, which made it an especially wonderful gift.

Hans bought me a vegan cheesecake and my mom baked me a vegan red velvet cake, and both were exquisite. I've been eating cake breakfast lunch and dinner, oops. (also, I turned 10!)

My parents gave me a vegetable steamer, and I can't wait to end my birthday-induced junk food binge and steam some veggies. My friend Ryan made me a beautiful little journal, which I'm going to try to fill with worthy, equally beautiful drawings and things.

So, despite the computer/phone/car troubles, there were many bright moments of happiness with those I love.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the happening is happening

The universe is treating me rather well, lately. I'm loving the way this summer has been unfolding. Though we keep pretty busy, Hans and I have found time for lots of lovely days spent in the sunshine, which our animal babies and our family and friends. My birthday is coming up very soon and we're even going to be able to make an awesome camping trip to one of my favorite places in Georgia, Tallulah Gorge, to celebrate. I'm buzzing with excitement. I've been trying to take a lot of pictures lately but I basically always fail at that...alas, I have a few.

Hans is a prince, and he came home from work one evening with these flowers. It's good to be a princess.

This is too funny to me. I desperately wanted to document all the dogs getting along (my parents' dogs, the three black ones, are usually huge jerks, but they tolerate Phoenix and Wylie), and right when I snap a photo with the five of them together, Phoenix pees. Thank you, my little darling Phoenbean, for always having class and being a lady.

My sister's dog Wylie is such a handsome fox. He and Phoenix are totally in love.

Lately I've been up to no good, and by that I mean I've been really, really embracing my inner dork. This is wonderful but it does make me a smidge less productive than I ought to be when I can't tear myself away from whatever silly fandom has its grip on my soul. What obsessions have me in their clutches?

Hans and I took the plunge back into childhood...we're playing Pokemon again. (My DS is the gigantic first model that looks like it was made in the 80s by a giraffe. I kind of desperately want to buy a new DS when I compare mine with Hans's, but hey, mine was free.) So we've been journeying along, filling up our pokedexes. Like adults.

I have also been shamelessly playing Neopets again. If anyone else is strangely addicted to this virtual pet website, my username is icky_monster and yes, we can definitely be neofriends.

And of course, in anticipation of the seventh and final film, I have been obsessively re-reading the Harry Potter series.

I'm currently on book three, and delighting at reliving every moment of the story. Hans and I have actually been taking turns reading out loud to each other, which has been especially wonderful. I'm so, so nervous about the final film and how it will feel when it all really comes to an end. Who is with me?

Seriously guys, it's a problem. My mind is just harrypotterpokemonneopetsharrypotterpokemongogogo but, I have also had some work pop up, which has been great. Recently I was PA for a Chic-fil-a online spot (which slightly broke my little vegan heart) and for an HGTV product spot, both shoots done in one day. Boy, was it a long day. I was the slate dude for the first half of the day and spent the latter half steaming pillows and sheets and curtains that were the HGTV products. I even had to rush to a dry cleaner to try to de-wrinkle two massive comforters. It was my first trip to the dry cleaner. I felt like a city girl then. I'm hoping the PA thing will pick up enough so I won't have to find some little cashiering-type job to hold me over. Fingers crossed..

Monday, June 13, 2011

moleskin monday: helium girl

This little lady has got some balloons, so I call her helium girl.

She's made of ballpoint pens in a classic moleskin. I actually plan to have her reincarnated as a tattoo some day.

Today I'm planning mostly to dork around (pokemon, Harry Potter, and more, oh yes), but also to go to the post office and to the gym and do laundry! (We haven't been able to do laundry in ages for fear of boiling some little birdies who live in a nest inside the steam vent. Good job, birds). I'll be a regular super hero today completing all these tasks.

I feel like blogging about the goings-on in my life, so I'll whip up another post for tomorrow.

Monday, June 6, 2011

moleskin monday: neat animals edition

Yesterday was rather eventful. Phoenix and I went to visit my parents and their motley crew of dogs. My parents' dogs finally accepted Phoenix (begrudgingly). We were all thrilled! Five dogs is a beautiful number of dogs. My dad made vegan artichoke dip and my mom made vegan buffalo ranch sandwiches, and I stuffed my face blissfully until I felt like dying.

Next I went to meet up at a restaurant with my wonderful friend Joel to celebrate his graduation from SCAD. A bunch of my oldest and best friends were there and we had a wonderful time. I tried to be good there and only ate an avocado and ample chips and salsa (aka not good).

Then the lot of us packed up, grabbed Phoenix and her BFF Kota and headed to the Etowah River to jump and play in the water. Three members of the group decided it was a good idea to let the river sweep them away, and Kota (recently a master swimmer) decided to follow. Joel and I were left tossing sticks to Phoenix and trying to convince her water is her friend, and wondering whether our friends had met their watery deaths. Fortunately everyone returned safely and the dogs only caused a few disasters (such as covering themselves completely in sandy mud, and puking up a pretty pile of rank mud on the car ride home).

We came back to my place and Hans had made it home from work, so he joined the adventures. After dancing around like fools (some new wheelchair dance?) we decided to go to an all-night diner like we we have no responsibilities or something. After carefully navigating the menu, and inquiring for further knowledge from the server, I found my three vegan options: a plate of fruit, french fries, and sauteed eggplant. Each came out in serving sizes large enough to feed ten people and I ate nearly all of it. Whoops! We spent a lot of the night recounting stories from our very young childhoods, which I have discovered are the funniest sort of stories (and too embarrassing to repeat!).

We didn't get home until close to 2 a.m.! It was like being 18 again. I never stay up late, but it was worth it, even if I felt utterly like death this morning.

And I failed to capture a single photo of any of it!

But, it's moleskin monday so I do have some fun pictures lined up!

icky monster's thylacine
This little ink&paint doodle is of an animal who long ago stole my heart, the thylacine (or Tasmanian tiger). These guys were unfortunately hunted into extinction back in the 20s, but I am totally fascinated by and in love with them.

They're like snake-zebra-koala-dogs! They're marsupials, can open their jaws to an impressive angle, have pretty little stripes, and they're extinct and I'm sad about it. (Also, you may find the inspiration for my layout with this guy.)

Now, I can't share my love of the thylacine without sharing my newest animal love (I have myriad animal loves floating around in my heart and soul), the maned wolf.

Take a look at this guy! He's actually not related to wolves, or even foxes. Instead he's in a class (er, genus) entirely by himself. I want to meet one and give him a high five. Maybe I'll make some art about him, too.

I feel like I gained 10 pounds from the ridiculous amount of food I ate yesterday. Today I'm going to eat significantly less food and do chores around the house in my bathing suit, because it's summer time?

If you know of a super neat animal, please share pictures/facts with me!.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

my monstery art, way back when

I spent a lovely morning lazing about in bed with Hans. We never sleep in. He's always up at six so he can go for a run and then pop off to work, and I usually roll out of bed shortly after. But somehow this warm Saturday we shrugged off our early bird suits and had a sleepy party all morning (this is kind of a total lie--we both woke up at 7 to tend to the animal babies, but went back to bed. Still, I was still up by 9am to read (currently Pontypool Changes Everything) while Hans slept in. But a couple hours later I crawled back in bed with him and the lazy party commenced!). It was lovely to have a little time to ourselves, acting like goofballs.

We also went for a short walk with Phoenix, because apparently we're crazy and we thought we could withstand Georgia's stifling heat (Hint: we couldn't).

Now Hans is off to squeeze in MORE work over the weekend (boy's a workaholic) and I'm whipping up this post in between doing some chores.

I thought it would be fun to share some of my older artwork, because I have come a long way and it's fun to reflect on how my style has changed. I had a pretty rough time in high school, which is when I started to take art seriously, and the pieces I churned out back then certainly reflect that struggle. To say the least, they're pained. Take this little gem for an example...

I had a long relationship with smeary india ink and drippy water colors, and my "Fix It" lady is one of the children born of that messy affair.

I'm actually still fond of this one, though I'm happy to say I produce much more optimistic pieces lately. I still draw monstery alien humanoids, but happier ones.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

a to zee

I have seen this around and I decided to fill it out, BECAUSE I'M TOO BORING TO COME UP WITH ANY CLEVER AWESOME CONTENT. Actually, I'm suffering from this neck pain still, and I'm achy and lonely and this seems like a fine way to pass some time. I think this will be the final day of my torment, but we'll see. Fingers crossed! I may have to cut my neck off if this doesn't end pronto...

So, alphabetical Sara, go!

icky monster and phoenix

A. Age: 21. My birthday is this month! Finally I don't have to be this dumb age any more!
B. Bed size: When I moved in with Hans I inherited his queen. Yes!
C. Chore that you hate: I hate dusting and I hate folding clothes. Everything else, set me to it.
D. Dogs: Are my soul mates! I adore canines and count them all as my pals. Right now, miss Phoenix has the staring doggy role in my life and makes all my days brighter.
E. Essential start to your day: Cuddles with Hans before we begrudgingly role out of bed! This is our prime snuggling time. Then I usually whip up a smoothie and bid him farewell when he goes off to work.
F. Favourite color: I love every color, but I have an intense love of orange.
G. Gold or Silver: I like silver but I'm also beginning to like worn, brassy looking gold.
H. Height: I'm a shorty! Five feet and three inches.
I. Instruments you play: Guitar Hero D: Maybe one day I'll play a real instrument...
J. Job title: I'm recently unemployed and I hate it. But I've been doing odd jobs in the film business, so we'll go with production assistant.
K. Kids: I will never have human children. I am against having children, actually. But I love my animal kids.
L. Live: Yes, please? I live IN Georgia. I try to live well.
M. Mother's name: Nancy.
N. Nicknames: In high school people called me Spunkmeyer or God (terrible, I know). Since then I don't really have a nickname. Well, Hans calls me bumblebee.
O. Overnight hospital stays: I haven't ever even been in a hospital at all and hopefully never will. I probably wouldn't even go if I was dying. I have a senseless fear of hospitals and a complete lack of trust with doctors.
P. Pet peeve: If you don't replace the toilet paper after finishing a role, I do not like you.
Q. Quote from a movie: I'm choosing two! "I think you prefer when the world 'together' means not 'a million,' but just two." from The Dreamers, AND "To know death, Otto, you have to fuck life IN ZE GALLBLADDER!" Thank you Flesh for Frankenstein.
R. Right or left handed: Right handed.
S. Siblings: I have a younger sister Nanner and an older half-sister Whitney.
T. Time you wake up: Typically between 7 and 8:30.
U. Underwear: Usually I skip wearing it, even though I have a tendency to obsessively buy it. I make no sense.
V. Vegetable you hate: I hate zero vegetables. Feed me veggies!
W. What makes you run late: The first thing my brain said was "ducks with x-ray vision" so we'll go with that.
X. X-Rays you've had: I have a fake memory of getting my skull x-rayed. I'm pretty sure that never happened. I can't remember any real x-rays. I hate doctors.
Y. Yummy food that you make: According to Hans all the food I make is the best food ever. I like making quesadillas, stir-frys, and pastas if I'm eating indulgently, and smoothies, veggies, and salads if I'm on a health nut kick. All vegan of course.
Z. Zoo animal: VEGAN RANT No! I hate zoos. There is no such thing as a "zoo animal." This is the most ridiculous term! No animal's natural habitat is a zoo and no animal should be defined this way. "Zoo animal" means "imprisoned and mistreated animal" and I count this among my least favorite distinction of animal. /VEGAN RANT

icky monster

So there you have it folks, me from A to Z.
If you fill out this alphabet meme, link me to yours!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


While Hans was off doing his science thing in New Orleans, I went a little stir crazy and made a rash decision: I chopped my hair right off so I could sport bangs for summer. So here are some silly webcam photos I took trying to look fly and show off my new 'do. Bangs: Good decision or bad decision?

sara has bangs

sara has bangs

icky monster sara has bangs

icky monster sara is a goof

They're kind of uneven, but my hair is curly so it's undetectable. I'll probably be visiting my salon to have m hair all fixed up once I feel like dropping some money on that. So far I'm loving them. I've never had had quite such straight across Betty-esque bangs before.

Now I'm shacked up at home feeling like a cripple. I woke up yesterday with an ache in my neck so severe I couldn't turn my head. To make things especially lovely, my head was stuck at an odd angle, so I spent the whole day lying around, staring off to my left, completely unable to turn my head to the right. Luckily my sister stopped by with a heating pad and her Dog Wylie, so I was a little more at ease and Phoenix was kept busy.

TODAY my neck is still tender, but I've regained most of the mobility of my head (not enough to drive or do anything remotely active, though). I'm not a couch potato type of person, so this bed-ridden stuff has really got me down. I've been stuffing my head with Netflix and NBC (everything from Hercules, to Valhalla Rising to America's Got Talent and The Voice) and trying not to fall into a depressed rut. My wonderful mom and sister came over today to baby me, which I really appreciate but I'm ready to be up and taking care of myself again now, please!

I think I'm just suffering a bout of bad luck...I've been having issues with my phone and managed to split my baby toe open accidentally kicking a wall this morning. So send any spare good luck my way, I could use it!
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