Monday, June 6, 2011

moleskin monday: neat animals edition

Yesterday was rather eventful. Phoenix and I went to visit my parents and their motley crew of dogs. My parents' dogs finally accepted Phoenix (begrudgingly). We were all thrilled! Five dogs is a beautiful number of dogs. My dad made vegan artichoke dip and my mom made vegan buffalo ranch sandwiches, and I stuffed my face blissfully until I felt like dying.

Next I went to meet up at a restaurant with my wonderful friend Joel to celebrate his graduation from SCAD. A bunch of my oldest and best friends were there and we had a wonderful time. I tried to be good there and only ate an avocado and ample chips and salsa (aka not good).

Then the lot of us packed up, grabbed Phoenix and her BFF Kota and headed to the Etowah River to jump and play in the water. Three members of the group decided it was a good idea to let the river sweep them away, and Kota (recently a master swimmer) decided to follow. Joel and I were left tossing sticks to Phoenix and trying to convince her water is her friend, and wondering whether our friends had met their watery deaths. Fortunately everyone returned safely and the dogs only caused a few disasters (such as covering themselves completely in sandy mud, and puking up a pretty pile of rank mud on the car ride home).

We came back to my place and Hans had made it home from work, so he joined the adventures. After dancing around like fools (some new wheelchair dance?) we decided to go to an all-night diner like we we have no responsibilities or something. After carefully navigating the menu, and inquiring for further knowledge from the server, I found my three vegan options: a plate of fruit, french fries, and sauteed eggplant. Each came out in serving sizes large enough to feed ten people and I ate nearly all of it. Whoops! We spent a lot of the night recounting stories from our very young childhoods, which I have discovered are the funniest sort of stories (and too embarrassing to repeat!).

We didn't get home until close to 2 a.m.! It was like being 18 again. I never stay up late, but it was worth it, even if I felt utterly like death this morning.

And I failed to capture a single photo of any of it!

But, it's moleskin monday so I do have some fun pictures lined up!

icky monster's thylacine
This little ink&paint doodle is of an animal who long ago stole my heart, the thylacine (or Tasmanian tiger). These guys were unfortunately hunted into extinction back in the 20s, but I am totally fascinated by and in love with them.

They're like snake-zebra-koala-dogs! They're marsupials, can open their jaws to an impressive angle, have pretty little stripes, and they're extinct and I'm sad about it. (Also, you may find the inspiration for my layout with this guy.)

Now, I can't share my love of the thylacine without sharing my newest animal love (I have myriad animal loves floating around in my heart and soul), the maned wolf.

Take a look at this guy! He's actually not related to wolves, or even foxes. Instead he's in a class (er, genus) entirely by himself. I want to meet one and give him a high five. Maybe I'll make some art about him, too.

I feel like I gained 10 pounds from the ridiculous amount of food I ate yesterday. Today I'm going to eat significantly less food and do chores around the house in my bathing suit, because it's summer time?

If you know of a super neat animal, please share pictures/facts with me!.



  2. Kota swims now?! Yay! Now we just need to convince Wylie and Phoenix that water is fun! And boo I wish I didn't have to work that night it sounded so fun! Yay maned wolf!

  3. Ryan the blob fish is making me die. In a good way. Thank you for the animals.

    Nanner I wish you could have come too! It was loads of fun. And Wylie and Phoenix WILL swim...

  4. that last little wolf is so freaking graceful looking!

  5. Hi I am a new follower! Just thought to say hi! Have a nice weekend!


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