Saturday, June 4, 2011

my monstery art, way back when

I spent a lovely morning lazing about in bed with Hans. We never sleep in. He's always up at six so he can go for a run and then pop off to work, and I usually roll out of bed shortly after. But somehow this warm Saturday we shrugged off our early bird suits and had a sleepy party all morning (this is kind of a total lie--we both woke up at 7 to tend to the animal babies, but went back to bed. Still, I was still up by 9am to read (currently Pontypool Changes Everything) while Hans slept in. But a couple hours later I crawled back in bed with him and the lazy party commenced!). It was lovely to have a little time to ourselves, acting like goofballs.

We also went for a short walk with Phoenix, because apparently we're crazy and we thought we could withstand Georgia's stifling heat (Hint: we couldn't).

Now Hans is off to squeeze in MORE work over the weekend (boy's a workaholic) and I'm whipping up this post in between doing some chores.

I thought it would be fun to share some of my older artwork, because I have come a long way and it's fun to reflect on how my style has changed. I had a pretty rough time in high school, which is when I started to take art seriously, and the pieces I churned out back then certainly reflect that struggle. To say the least, they're pained. Take this little gem for an example...

I had a long relationship with smeary india ink and drippy water colors, and my "Fix It" lady is one of the children born of that messy affair.

I'm actually still fond of this one, though I'm happy to say I produce much more optimistic pieces lately. I still draw monstery alien humanoids, but happier ones.


  1. Yeah... I can definitely seen the pain in there. It might be a little on the morbid side but I still find it fascinating. I'm gonna nosy further back in your blog now to check out more of your art.

    Yay for lie-ins! Before today, I hadn't had one in ages but it's now gone 12 and I'm still in bed on the laptop. Oops, haha. And I wholeheartedly agree with you on the planet not needing anymore people on it. We briefly studied the effects of a population crisis (which seems likely at this rate!) at university and it was an eye-opener to say the least.

  2. I'm glad you like my crazy alien lady! (:

    Yeah, while I can't stand sleeping in often, every once in a while it's pretty much the most wonderful thing.

    And I don't really see why people think there is still a need to keep the human race going, haha.


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