Tuesday, August 2, 2011

dog adventure

When I'm not home, I can often be found out in the wilderness with my dog. If I could, I'd spend all my time going on adventures with her. She's such a great companion. Off the leash she stays right by my side, or else runs a little bit ahead and then waits for me to catch up. She's such a mama's girl.

I have a goal of taking better pictures while I'm out on these adventures, but I'm usually too busy jumping in a river or walking treacherously over a gap across a fallen tree. So for now here are some cell phone pictures of a recent romp at a park with Phoenix and her BFF Kota.

Kota loves swimming. Phoenix on the other hand likes water but hates swimming, so that's why she's sitting like a goof with only her front paws in the water (since these pictures were taken, though, she's started begrudgingly swimming with me). I love this particular park because it's got all these broken old structures (part of a mill or a dam?), miles of woods to explore, and swimmable "lagoon" sections of the river.

Oh, and yes, Kota and Phoenix are black and white on purpose.


  1. That picture of her with her paws in the water is so cute! Haha too bad Wylie still doesn't like swimming :( but at least he likes the water. That park is so fun! We need to go again soon!

  2. Which park is that? It looks like a lot of fun to go to.

  3. Wylie needs to learn to swim!

    Ryan, It's sort of between sixes and towne lake. It's my favorite. I will take you some day!

  4. Oh I wanna take the pups there when bella is older! That would be so much fun!


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