Friday, July 29, 2011

cupcakes and pikachu

Yesterday was Hans's birthday. He had to work most of the day but I'd say he came home to a pretty sweet little gift...

Miniature black cherry chocolate cupcakes!
Okay, so Hans's sister and I wanted to make him cupcakes, but we didn't have a cupcake pan so we used a tea cake pan. You can't tell because I'm a failed photographer, but they're in all kinds of fun shapes--hearts, stars, roses, etc. We used black cherry preserves instead of icing, I think they're adorable! Bitesize is always favorable. Also, we made about a thousand, not six.

I also painted him this cardboard portrait of Pikachu, because we're little kids at heart. I presented it to him first thing in the morning and I was dead tired so my memory is foggy, but he probably squealed with delight.


  1. I am jealous of his Pikachu. I am really jealous. So, so amazingly jealous.

  2. Your birthday is pretty soon. I can totally paint you a Pokemon, too. Which one would you like?

  3. Thank you, but that'd feel kind of like getting Hans's gift.
    Let him know I said, "Happy Birthday."

  4. Well, I can paint you a different thing. I'll tell him you said so (:

  5. You can never go wrong with Pikachu! Or cupcakes for that matter. Han's is a lucky guy! Happy belated birthday to him.


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