Sunday, July 24, 2011

another venture into the realm of my ancient artwork

Today has consisted mostly of cleaning house, eating sweets (after going 22 years of NOT being addicted to sweets, I am now addicted to sweets), "grooming" Phoenix, and reading Milan Kundera's The Book of Laughter and Forgetting. Kundera is my newest literary love--every one who hasn't done already should check him out. This evening my parents are hosting a family dinner shindig and Hans's parents are coming. Mom is making tempeh tacos, and I'm more than the appropriate amount of excited about it.

In blog news, I want to be posting lots of my art on this blog! Sadly, I've been suffering artist's block for weeks now but I'm happy to say it seems to have finally released me from its sticky grasp. I've been painting and doodling and coming up with some new stuff, but nothing yet that I'm ready to share. So for now, here's another of my old, old, OLD pieces of art (I have shared one other old-as-heck work, HERE).

This time around I have yet another sad humanoid...thing.

...I guess I wanted someone to shut up. I always have a lot of fun looking back at my old drawings. One of these days I may try to compile a year-by-year progression of my art skillz. That would be interesting, I'm sure (possibly to me alone).

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