Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I am a complete spaz and I probably shouldn't pose for pictures ever because all it does is capture permanently what a fool I am. But, I really like this dress I found at a thrift shop a little while back. Here are pictures of me in it, along with my favorite vegan boots and some necklaces, taken by my ever-talented sister Nanner, who would probably prefer a better model.

I AM an indian princess! I live in the jungle with my dog! I will keep make-believing this until I die.

These were taken up at my parents' place. They live on several acres with their dogs, cats, and horses. It's so beautiful there. Hans and I visit nearly every weekend.

Boots: Big Buddha Casi in Taupe
Dress: Thrifted
Necklaces: Leaf by Dottie and Octopus by random Dragon*Con vendor, sadly no links


  1. I looooove this! It is so perfectly you! And that necklace is just grogeous! ;)

  2. That dress is gorgoeus!!! It suits you very much! Have a lovley day! x

  3. @Mama Kat, The necklace is gorgeous because a gorgeous person made it (;

    @Another Diamond Day, thank you! It has become one of my favorites.

  4. I love that dress!! I can never find any like that in my size :'(

  5. Booo. Hopefully one day you'll find one! This wasn't my size either, but luckily my mom is good at sewing and she altered it for me haha.

  6. Pretty little dress :) I am quite jealous of how nice the weather is too! <3


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