Saturday, December 17, 2011

i'm back, really (probably)

Whoops, what is my blog? A forgotten and abandoned pursuit of the past? It's beginning to look that way! But not for long. I can now with confidence say I have recovered from a somewhat grueling semester, with another set of really-not-too-bad grades to add to my pile of accomplishments as a psuedo Good Student (really, fake it till you make it; I swear it works). I have really missed the blogosphere and I hope to be welcomed back into its arms, as I promise I'll be commenting and posting regularly again.

For now, here is a present to all my internet pals:

Yes, you can make a brownie in a mug with ingredients you probably have lying around all the time! I made this unfortunate discovery a few weeks ago and have been fighting the urge to eat a brownie a day ever since. But hey, it's the holiday season. A brownie a day is one thing--but a brownie per week? Not so bad...and I'll keep telling myself that straight into the new year!


  1. Mmm brownie mug! The ones you made were so yummy!

  2. Just wanted to say that I love your blog and that brownie mugs are so good :)

    I was given my first blog award today and I'm passing it on to you! Check it out here & pass it on:



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