Monday, November 7, 2011

halloween recap part two

I think my months-long battle with AT&T is finally over, which means at long last I have unwavering internet access, and I'm stoked to get back into regular blogging. I haven't had this blog very long, but it's already important to me and it's starting to feel like my own little home on the internet.

I have something fun to share with you guys today: Halloween costumes! Hans and I were controversially an roller skating white trash gay couple from the 80s, because that's the sort of travesty that comes about when you wait until last minute to make your costume.


this one is my favorite!

Lamely, we did not get any pictures while we were actually wearing our skates, but you can bet we were rolling around the house like maniacs.

Also, this was the third year in a row I portrayed a man for Halloween. I think next year I'll be a girl. Perhaps even a pretty one.

What were you for Halloween?


  1. Loving the mustauches, that's what really sells it! Haha brilliant costumes!

  2. It was probably too much fun prancing around like that!

  3. Those costumes are hilarious and such a fun last minute idea! I love the mustaches!

  4. Bahahaha, hilarious! Was your doggy confused? :P

    I was a gothic rag doll and my wife was a Merlotte's waitress! ^_^

  5. @Megan, the mustaches WERE fun, but I ended up being allergic to mine! Red peely skin for the next few days. Lame!

    @Angie, I think she was a bit confused at suddenly having two dads. Your costumes sound super fun!

  6. Brilliant costumes! That is so amazing and creative and bitchin'!


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