Monday, November 14, 2011

ouroboros pit

Hey blog! Remember the wishlist I recently posted? I have successfully obtained the last item listed, and I have a[n incredibly awkward] video to reveal it!

I love the ouroboros symbol (Clive Barker turned me on to it) and decided it would fit perfectly in my armpits. As I said in the video I've been craving armpit tattoos for years! The extra ouch of such a sensitive spot was totally worth it (I usually handle tattoo pain really well, but this had me squirming toward the end). I'm stoked to finally have started this piece, and I can't wait till both my armpits are filled with self-sufficient serpents.


  1. You're tattoo is amazing, I've wanted to get my arm pit done too. Your's definitely looks like it was worth the pain

  2. Thanks so much! Totally worth the pain. Can't wait to go back.


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