Thursday, November 10, 2011

this time last year...

Winter is a particularly exciting time for Hans and I this year. We celebrated our first anniversary in September, and so for the first time in our relationship we can say, "this time last year..." and recall those happy (but cold!) moments we spent together in 2010. I appreciate this time of year in a new way now. It feels magical, the aromas and tastes and sights all bursting with memories of falling in love. In light of all these happy reminiscences floating around my head, I wanted to share some of my favorite moments spent with Hans in winter 2010.

creep-eyes // the first picture of us together // Hans trying to convince me I'm a Hufflepuff // what is it with me an mustaches? at a Halloween party // kisses on Halloween day // apocalypse war-paint // Hans lookin' handsome in my old apartment // the snowy apocalypse which inspired the warpaint // adventures in the frozen wonderland

I'm really having too much fun with all these memories as we enter our second year together. "Hey--remember how much Silk Pumpkin Spice we drank last year?! Remember how you made me hot chocolate all the time?! Remember how I was poor and afraid to turn the heat on so we froze to death in my apartment all the time?!" Hans may be secretly perturbed at my enthusiasm, but he's at least pretending he's having fun reminiscing, too.

I'm looking forward to another round of holidays shared with him, insane amounts of holiday-themed beverages and desserts, more crunchy hikes through leaves and snow, and hell, even more cold nights spent huddled together under a stack of blankets.


  1. You two are so cute together. You can tell how happy you really are with eachother. You don't look like a happy Hufflepuff though haha.
    I had the same with my boyfriend during the spring, it makes it even more exciting I think lol.

    You've won an award =) (seen as you like being a zombie from time to time I thought you might enjoy this one)

  2. Thanks! We certainly make each other smile a lot! I am NOT a hufflepuff, although Hans insists I am. I wish I was a Ravenclaw but if I'm honest with myself I know I'm totally a Gryffindor haha.

    Aw, and thanks for the award! That zombie rabbit is so cute (;


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