Tuesday, May 17, 2011

back after accidental hiatus!

Whoops! Well, the website was down for a while, and my computer was broken for a while, and I've been sort of silly-busy, thus my long and sad hiatus from blogger. But, I'm back! To commemorate my return to blogging, here's a dump of all the recent photos I've taken with my cell phone!

Life excerpts!

This is one of my favorite places to go. From a park, you can walk to where a railroad crosses a river (large creek?) and hang out on the tracks.

A friend and I tried out this anime eye makeup tutorial with sort of okay results. It was pretty ridiculous.

My animal family :)

Our good child.

Our demon child.

And somehow they are coexisting?!

Phoenix with her BFF Kota, having some sleepy time after a run through Piedmont Park in ATL.

Hans is always picking Phoenix up for some reason.

Or doing this...

How about some amazing buildings?

This is an abandoned building in Atlanta. It was built in 1911, 100 years ago! Now it's a crack house or something, but it's so dang cool.

This is on a little street off of the road where my parents live. The company ran out of money before ever finishing their 15 houses. This one wasn't even ever completed on the inside, but man is it gorgeous. We sneaked up to it and peaked inside while out walking the dogs. Want!

Oh, and Hans's idea of a hilarious joke...

He came up behind me the other day and instructed me not to turn around or look while he pressed something huge and damp against my back. Guess which tattoo is real!

While I was away, Hans graduated from college and I attended the ceremony. His name was severely mispronounced, sad/hilarious. He's now working full-time at a job he loves, and I'm so proud. I finished out the semester acing my classes. I just realized I should bake myself a cake for that. I'm home alone a lot, and Kenya and Phoenix have been alternately driving me nuts and overwhelming me with love. I've been keeping busy with housewife duties and looking for more PA work. Many walks with the dogs have been happening and I also started p90x so I can get insanely fit. Summer is finally really here and I can't wait to see what adventures the warm weather takes me on in 2011.

What are your summer plans?


  1. your pets are so cute, that eye makeup is trippy, and what a beautiful house! love your blog! www.camilleyanair.blogspot.com

  2. Awwe, thank you! I love that house. It's really unique And gorgeous.
    Thanks for stopping by (:

  3. A funnier joke would applying it to your eye lids while you were asleep. You would never notice they were there and every time you blinked near someone, you'd be (seductively) teasing them with "Team Edward."

  4. Thanks, Ryan. I've been wondering what to tattoo on my eyelids for a while and now I know (;

  5. GAH, I saw that anime make up tutorial a while ago. Freaky!

  6. Oh it's TOTALLY creepy. I felt insane with it on my face. Not to mention we only had liquid eyeliner to do it with which was PAINFUL haha.

  7. i meesed you! i can't wait to write you another letter....I HAVE GOOD STORIES NOW.

  8. Haha, that make up is real creepy, but I love creepy stuff;)

    And your pets are so cute!

  9. I know, I was totally creeping myself out.
    Thanks! They're the cutest :)


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