Friday, May 27, 2011

foxy shazam

Tonight I'm going with some of my favorite people to see my favoite band, Foxy Shazam. This will be the seventh time I see Foxy and it certainly will not be the last. I see them every time they come to Atlanta. Hell, once I even road-tripped to North Carolina to see them when they skipped my city. I've met most of them a few times and they are super friendly guys, so I feel great about supporting them.

Foxy's live shows are what really sold me on the music. Actually, the music is almost irrelevant: it's good, but I'd probably like them anyway based solely on their performances. Their vocalist is Eric Nally and he's a scrawny little thing, but an insane ball of energy. Eric usually ends up upside down, climbing on top of something he shouldn't be on, telling ridiculous stories in his high pitched voice, and eating several lit cigarettes. Sky White, the keyboardist, often plays his keyboard with his feet and smiles eerily into the crowd from behind his giant beard. Another band member to watch is the horn player Alex Nauth, who has been wearing the same tight black pants with bones bleached into them every time I've seen them.

The music itself is high-energy, dancey, hilarious, and frequently even beautiful. I'll let it speak for itself...

Foxy Shazam!
Dig 'em.


  1. I had never bothered listening to them before. They do look like a fun show. It's pretty hard to top yourself once you start doing push-ups on stage, though.
    Have fun; bring me back some sweat.

  2. Once when I saw them at the Masquerade he threw his microphone up so that it was hanging by its cord from one of the rafters (or the lighting rigs, or something) on the ceiling. Then he used the cord to climb up, and finished the last song hanging upside down by his feet from the rafter. I think that tops push ups.

    It's tons of fun. If you even decide you feel like coming to a show, come to a Foxy show with me! I'll bring you buckets of sweat :)


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