Monday, October 3, 2011

moleskin monday: tree vomit

It's Monday and that means we dive into my moleskin and look at a thing I drew!

This is a bit of an oldie but I recently added the color. I used to shade my drawings strictly within the gray scale unless I was using colored pencils or pastels (so rarely, because I almost always use pens), but then I realized pens totally come in a variety of colors and I should be utilizing that. Now I love making colorful drawings, even if they're still largely black and gray with splashes of brightness. My favorite pretty-colored ballpoints are all running out of ink, and I think I'm going to invest in an even larger selection of colors soon.

This is one of many trees I have drawn (though it is the only one being puked out of a mouth). Is anyone else obsessed with trees like I am?


  1. I envy your shading skills, and I really like the pop of colour!

  2. :D thank you. Shading is my passion in life. But really, when I'm in a particularly boring class I just end up devoting hours to it haha.

  3. I love gothic looking trees, I'm planning on getting a huge on tattoo'd on my leg one day. But your tree is amazing, who doesn't love a bit of tree vomit.

  4. Oh, I bet that will be pretty! There are some pretty great tree tattoos out there. I know I definitely love trees of the regurgitated variety (;


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