Friday, October 7, 2011


Who has several hundred bucks to throw down on Photoshop? Not me! I get by with free alternatives. While they're nowhere near as powerful as Photoshop, photo-editing apps like Picnik and Fotoflexer are great for prettying up your pictures. But a lot of us do more than edit photos! I have two Wacom tablets and I never use them because I don't have pricey painting software. Okay, so we may or may not have all stolen Photoshop at one time or other, but I feel sort of guilty showing off a drawing I made ~illegally. This dilemma drove me to discover GIMP. As the website says, it's "like Photoshop, but 100% free". Need I say more?

I played around with the program the other day and drew this Halloweeny little guy. (You'll never catch me boasting of any computer art skills, I just like digital-doodling from time to time!)

Octolantern! Or is he a Jacktopus?!

GIMP is super easy to use, especially if you're already familiar with Photoshop. I definitely recommend trying it out if you're looking for a worthy alternative to popular (and expensive!) programs.

P.S. I gave the blog a tiny make over. Check it out!


  1. Jacktopus sounds a bit dirty. Go with Octolantern.

    I like the new look.

  2. Very cute! And I agree with schmonday for the same reason. Glad I'm not the only one with my mind in the gutter. :)

  3. $900? Where do you shop? Photoshop costs $50.

    But many of the freebies work quite well.

  4. I think I like "jacktopus" BECAUSE it sounds dirty. Haha.

    @Eric, The entire creative suite is that pricey. Maybe Photoshop elements is 50 bucks? Anyway I dig free stuff haha. What's your favorite freebie?


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