Monday, September 5, 2011

business casual?

I had to go out and buy some business casual clothes for a job interview recently. I am definitely not a business casual type of girl, but I actually had a lot of fun getting all dressed up. Probably because it was such a divergence from my usual style (I hate pants so I'm almost always found in shorts and a tank top or a dress, and I usually wear boots).

I'm probably not girly enough to do outfit photos. I mean, I completely forgot to photograph the (really awesome!) shoes I got to wear with this. But I definitely wanted to document this outfit since it's so out of the box for me.

So, did the outfit get me the position? Yes! Long story short, the interview (a group interview with 13 other people), went really well, and I got the job. The job, however, went horribly, and I quit after one miserable shift. (I refuse to bus tables under the misleading title "customer service representative", sorry). So I'm back on the job hunt but I'd rather be hunting than throwing away dead chicken bones every night.

Oh, and I can't resist sharing this outtake,

Phoenix just HAD to make an appearance.


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