Friday, September 30, 2011

when there's no more room in hell...

I have been "killing myself" since I was a young, horror-obsessed teenager, so when I heard about the virtual zombie walk I was stoked for the opportunity to get back to my blood-loving roots. I thought I'd share some photos from my zombie escapades over the years as well as my favorite blood recipe.Now, some of these pictures are from when I was very young and more than a little dumb, but I am unashamed. Teens obsessed with the flesh eating undead, holler.

But first, here are some tunes to get you in the brain-eating mood

with Nanner

out of character with Dottie

Zombie for life! Left: Age 17; Right: Age 21

Now, as for my blood recipe, if you make this you're seriously in for a treat.
Chocolate Blood:
-Coco powder
-Corn syrup
-red food coloring (the vegan-ness of red food dye is debatable, as it is sometimes horrifyingly made out of beetles, so do some research on the brand you buy)
-optional: black paint
-optional: green food coloring

I'm not including proportions because I just wing it every time. If you want thicker, scabbier blood, use more syrup and coco powder. For thinner more liquidy blood, use more water, obviously. I throw in the paint sometimes just to make it a little darker and grosser, and green food dye has a similar effect. This blood congeals like real blood so it's great for making gory wounds. The best part about this blood other than how realistically it behaves? If you skip the black paint, it's pretty tasty! If you decide to try this out with your Halloween costume or just for fun, let me know!

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  1. Zombilicious! (Real chefs don't follow recipes!)

  2. Fabulous post and photos! Your playlist is awesome.

    I've always wanted to be a cheerleading zombie for Halloween. he he

    Thanks for sharing. Zombies ROCK!! :-D


    Check Out My Books!

  3. Great pictures and thanks for the blood recipe! Excellent post!

  4. Pretty fun obsession if you ask me.


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