Tuesday, September 20, 2011

cave lovers

On the 15th I had my wisdom teeth removed and I have not been having such a fun time with the recovery (who could? This sucks!). My face looks precisely like a round little fat boy's and the pain has been a little worse than I expected. I'm the type who never takes any medicine--even pain killers--so there have been some pretty rough moments throughout the healing process. Yesterday I finally felt at least partially normal and today I'm thinking I'm more than halfway there. The swelling has gone down substantially (though now one side of my face is covered in a massive yellow bruise) and I can open my mouth almost all the way. I am so looking forward to having a feast when all this is done!

Anyway, I definitely feel like the blog is overdue for a proper art post. I always have fun sharing some of my older artwork on the blog, so today I've got series of drawings (and one painting) that were very near and dear to me for a while. (One of them is featured in my sidebar!) Not so near and dear now, I still dig the concept I came up with. Meet the Cave Lovers: These guys like to pass their time chilling in a cave a loving each other. I created these over the course of around two years. I recall dubbing the first one "the cheesiest thing I have ever drawn."

Today is my first day home alone since the surgery. Hans and my mama have been taking great care of me, and I've definitely needed to be babied. Let's hope today I'm not a big wuss and I can fend for myself (read: watch tons of Netflix and sleep on and off all day). Wish me luck!

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