Tuesday, September 6, 2011

phoenix & wylie

One of Phoenix's BFFs is Wylie, my sister Nanner's dog. So when Nanner and Wylie visited me the other day I had to take some photos of this irresistible pair.

I adore these goofballs. Not many things make me happier than the sight of Phoenix and her silly lolling tongue (except maybe the sight of Phoenix AND Wylie with their silly lolling tongues). I recently watched a documentary which included some evidence that owning a dog makes you live longer--I believe it. Dogs are magic.


  1. Awwwee adorable dogs! I'm a dog person myself, and when we finally buy a house I can't wait to get my little family a fur baby! Picture 3 where the white dog has the funniest expression made me laugh.

  2. Aw, yes, fur babies really enrich your life! As soon as we moved into our current home (which has a big backyard), I knew we'd be adopted a dog in only a matter of time. The goofy white one is our baby Phoenix (:


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